Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mother's Day Moments

Just wanted to share these pics and video from Mother's Day.  It was actually a pretty good day for once!  The weather was were the kids.

This picture is Trenton, Brian, and Alexander at Grandma Giles' apartment.  They were just so cute all sitting on the one side of the couch...even though no one was sitting on the other part.  Jeremiah is MIA since he was still helping with the boyscout breakfast.
We all went to the breakfast and after that we went up to pretty up Gary's grave.  We bought a new perennial and planted it along with a cross that lit up.

Later in the day, I called my mom to see what she was doing.  She of course was outside working and so I asked her if she needed any help.  Rhonda said if I wanted to...which meant yes but I don't want to put you out :)  So Jeremiah and I made our way out to help her renovate her flower bed.

And then Jeremiah decided to ride the wagon down to the garage to put it away...the wind was picking up and the storms were coming.  Check out the shorts, with the sweatshirt and stocking cap!