Monday, April 20, 2015

Road trip to State Forensics!

Before this year, make that before a couple months ago, did I know exactly what forensics was/is?  Not really?!!?  But Trenton finally got involved in something, thanks to the help of Ian and Zach.  Don't they all look so joyous to be there?!?!

Apparently you can't take pictures or record during the actual performance so this is the only picture I have of them :(  The did receive BRONZE for their performance!  Not bad for two freshman!

Afterwards, we stopped for an early A&W.  Yes one of them I haven't been to before.  Well, let me correct that.  I've been there, they just happened to be closed early that night...for whatever reason.  So I have a little big of a grudge with  But it turned out great!  A&W is awesome...Bacon Cheeseburger, Fries (and Cheesecurds), and ROOT BEER!!!  MMM!!

Trenton wouldn't look at me because he knew I was taking his picture. 

Here's my picture for my A&W book :)

And this I just had to take a picture of.  Ian said that he doesn't take "naps" and then proceeded to fall asleep within 30 minutes of such saying.  I think it was the full belly and sun combo!