Wednesday, April 22, 2015

FROZEN ON ICE...just the girls!

It was girls' weekend!  Just us 7 girls out on the town...well I guess...more Minnesota.  My mom Rhonda, me, my sister Holly and her two girls, Abigail and Lilly, and my sister-in-law Brenda and her daughter, Angela.
Our first stop on our adventures was the Woodbury Shopping Mall.  I just love this place.  We stopped last time on our road trip.  It's an "outdoor" shopping area.  You just walk the streets from shop to shop and enjoy nature while getting some new duds!

I had the girls stop for a moment and "strike a pose."  Lilly especially took it to heart....look at her awesome pose!  We then split up and got some serious shopping done!  My favorite store...thanks to my old co-worker at Columbus...Charming Charlies!  The jewelry collections there are awesome and inexpensive...just my taste!

 We had an awesome two bedroom suite at Embassy Suites.  We had two queen beds and one large king size bed.  Abigail slept on her own pull out sofa.  Holly decided she was staying on the couch since she was comfy.  Mom and I slept in the king size bed.  Angela started out sleeping by Lilly and then moved into bed with Brenda.  It was quite a large place for everyone to relax and chill.

The next morning we were off to the Target Center in the twin cities...but not before a selfie!  Or two or three.  I couldn't get everyone aligned just right.  Oh well...still fun!  AND yes Holly drove...we did make it a ok!


 Grandma needed to spoil the kiddos even more!  They each got to pick one item from the magical disney display.  Angela was dressed as Olaf, Lilly as Ana, and Abigail as Elsa.  My mom made their outfits...what talent she has...especially when it comes to her grand-kids.

I snapped a picture before we entered the arena.  The rest of the pictures were taken on Holly's camera...I think we have a couple thousand.  What princesses I have for nieces?!?  Who need daughters when you have such wonderful nieces?