Thursday, February 5, 2015

LEADERSHIP HIGHLIGHTS!!! Long picture post!

Oh I do love all events that Stampin' Up! puts on.  Of course before the event there's preparation for the numerous swaps that I signed up for.  Here's a picture of my pull out desk in the living room so I could work on them while we watched "Gone Girl" (which oh my goodness was so good that I barely worked on my swaps!!!)

The card I was making here was for a swap for "Convention Quality" card fronts.  Lyssa started this swap years ago when she didn't get great swaps from just general swapping.   So she created an organized swap in which you sign up to swap.  I was very impressed with the swaps I received.

WHERE OH WHERE IS CHRISTINA?!?!  Oh that's right...not here.  I keep telling her to sign up to be a demo and come with me... (insert pouting sad face here).

First time being inside the plane as it's getting de-iced.  Kind of neat but I don't think I'd want that job.  Although I bet it pays good!

And look....NO SNOW AND PALM TREES!!!  Bright blue skies can be a little deceiving.

My first selfie at the Leadership Conference!  It always amazes me how many awesome women and men fit into one space!  So many people who are creative in so many different ways.  LOVE IT!

This was a card that Shelli Gardner, CEO & Co-Founder of Stampin' Up! showed with her presentation.  IT IS AMAZING!  I just love it!  I think it was my favorite!

YUMMY!  And not just the drinks :)  the Pub had waiters in kilts....YUMMY!

Everyone received a past PAPER PUMPKIN kit to give to someone to try.  I'm still deciding whom I'd like to give mine to.  Maybe you'll be the lucky one.  Below is a picture of the kit that I chose.

Okay I know what you're thinking....what is this card?!?!  Well as a fan of the Walking Dead (along with my husband and two of our three kids) we were shown how you can take just about anything and make it into a card you like.  Look who's turning into a zombie :)

The whirlpool had an awesome waterfall into it!  It was warm and relaxing even if we only made it there one night.  The wind was so strong while I was there it was too chilly for the pool area.

The last day was the best as far as weather was concerned.  The sun shone bright and loud!  It was great to feel that on my skin.  We had to eat our lunch outside to take it in. 

I had Tina take a few pictures of me by the cactus and the beautiful red plants.  Even though I didn't touch the cactus...apparently my cardigan did.  I ended up with pricks poking my bum and thigh.  It wasn't pleasant.  At least once I figured it out, I was able to take of the sweater and it wasn't as bad.

This is a cute little box with these but little cards.   A great idea for anyone!  My favorite saying from that set is "I like your face!" 

The one and only, Shelli Gardner.  Wish I had a better pic.  I'll steal one from someone else later.

Waiting for da plane!  Trying out instagram and some other things that I learned.

On the plane and thought the sunset was amazing!  Too bad we were taxiing and I couldn't get a good picture.  Oh well...still pretty :)

And there you go...Leadership in a few pictures.  Trust me I have plenty of swaps and more pictures to share.