Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Wonderful 10 year Stampin' Up! Anniversary!

WOW!  I just can't believe it's been so long since I started Stampin' Up!  I mean, it just doesn't seem possible that I signed up on January 24th, 2005.  10 whole years of creativity and friendships...I hope for many more with this great company.

Since then, many things have changed but also many things remained the same.  I appreciate all my family and friends (and friends who are like family) who have helped me with my business through the years.  I've met many many people and have created thousands of cards and scrap book pages.  I've attended many different events and met great people!  And continue to meet new people everyday.

I do have to say, that Stampin' Up! has given me something that I've always felt inside.  I had that creativity and the NEED for something more.  This company has let me explore while meeting new friends and bridge a gap of expression.

As I write this little post, I am  at the Leadership Conference in Orlando with many numerous other demonstrators.  The love I feel from everyone I meet is just amazing.  Fellow demonstrators and executives with Stampin' Up! treat you like family without knowing anything about you.  On Tuesday when I arrived, I was waiting for my room mates and working on swaps in the hotel and Sara & Sean Douglass walked past.  Well they both stopped to chat and check out what I was making.  Even though I could kind of tell that Sara had a long day already preparing for her presentation on stage (she's the co-founder of Stampin' Up!'s daughter), she took time out to check out what I was doing.  And for sharing with me her thoughts and love of the new occasion's catalog.  And then TODAY, as I was walking into one of my classes, Shelli Gardner (THE CO-FOUNDER of Stampin' Up!) was walking to go backstage.  She could have just kept on walking but she turned to me and commented on how cute my bag was.  Along with me to hold my swaps, I had the "Stampin' with Elizabeth Giles" tote bag that I give to all my club members.  I explained to her what I use it for and she said she just loved it.  She chatted with me for a few minutes and asked about my business.  Hey she even pronounced my last name right!  It was just awesome!  It really made my day.  What other company has such awesome people working for them?  What other company can you run into the Co-Founder and have a chit chat that can be so relate-able and personable?  Anyways, I could go on and on.  I hope that some of you can join me in the future with my endeavors and Stampin' Up!

BELOW are pictures from my sister's house.  She agreed to have a Stampin' Up! show and it just so happened to fall on my 10th anniversary....what a perfect day!  


My sister Holly and her daughter Abigail score the card base.  Look at the concentration on Abigail's face!  You know what a little tongue sticking out makes it straighter!

My downline Rochelle Ott, Deb & Dawn (who are sisters) create valentines from the Paper Pumkpin Kit for February.  Dawn has been a customer of mine from almost day 1!

 My best friend Christina helps my niece, Lilly, sponge the background of the card.  Christina watches Lilly for daycare too.  Christina and I graduated together and she's my bestie!

Here's my two nieces with their finished cards.  Look at the job and glow in their eyes from their lovely creations!  THIS MY FRIENDS is what it's all about!