Thursday, December 11, 2014


Below you'll find the picture I posted the other day to my Stampin' with Elizabeth Giles facebook page.   I asked for you to tell me what you think the story is behind this.  Well I promised that I'd tell you the check it out below!

Christina and I were trying to make up some "goodies" for an upcoming craft show.  We wanted to use these small cellophane bags with the Top Note die to create a nice little treat bag.  But the only candy I had was left from HALLOWEEN....some Peanut Butter Eye Balls...and yes they are delicious.  So we made up the bag and put it together and started the top design.  After I put the snowflake on the bag topper, we just couldn't stop laughing.  What a weird prototype!

So later, we sent a picture to Holly (my sister) to show her our wonderful creation with a caption of "Awesome!!! Right?  Christina and I waited for a response but nothing came.  Then 10 minutes later, she finally replied, "Are those eyeballs?"  To which I said, "Yes, like he sees you when you're sleeping."   At this point, Christina and I are laughing so hard we're crying.  And laughing and laughing...oh so many tears and out of breathe because we just didn't know what she was going to say.  FINALLY after a long pause Holly replies back, "Ahh.  Now I get it...little creepy."

Oh my gosh...we were roaring we were laughing so hard!  My husband and kids came to see what the commotion was all about!  We were dying...just dying with laughter.  I then called Holly...well you can say called but I was really just laughing and crying when she picked up the phone.  Oh my gosh it was just hilarious!  Holly couldn't understand me but I told her it was just a prototype and not to be concerned about us "watching" the kiddos.  Oh my!

I know it was funnier in the moment but I hope that you got a laugh out of it!