Monday, December 1, 2014

Craft Show :)

I do have to say, I don't always like sitting at craft shows, but I DO LOVE TO MAKE things for craft shows.  This year FROZEN and TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE (turtles in a half shell---turtle power) Sorry just had to!!!) are definitely on the top of the list.  My friend Christina really got into making Frozen items with the paint cans.  

We also made hot chocolate packets, turkey fry boxes, mini milk carton santas, and Olaf bits snacks!  Everyone just loved all the goodies we had to offer!  I also talked to a lot, I mean A LOT, of people about Project Life.  I really need to do up an album.  The album shown above is my downline's Rochelle Ott.

Even though sales weren't the best, I still had fun with the projects and meeting new people!