Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture :)

These wedding cards we were asked to due, sure did spark some creativity.  I'm not sure why or how, but this design came flyin' out of left field.  All of a sudden...ooohhh a shaker card!  This is Christina's first!  Yes she was a virgin shaker card maker!  I think the new In Color Sequins really brought the idea to life.

Here you can see the embossed saying on the front of the shaker part a little better.

"Love begins in a MOMENT, grows over TIME and lasts an ETERNITY."

We used framelits to cut out the frame and the window sheet.  I always like to use white as my background of the shaker area since the foam around the edges is white.  This helps to camouflage the foam pieces since we don't always get them covered well.

The designer series paper is a retired paper pack (I believe it was Christmas themed).

Our colors used are all In Colors for 14-16 season.  We just used 3 of the heart sequins at the bottom to enhance the shaker pieces and bring your eye downward.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Wonderous Wreath!!!

I can't believe I waited this long to get this stamp set!  I guess I wanted to make sure that if I got it, it would stick around and not be discontinued!  I think it was so successful that they're keeping it around since I saw it was in the occasions catty!!!  GET YOUR Wondrous Wreath Photopolymer Stamp Set HERE! YEAH!!

My friend received an order for wedding cards.  The lady's daughter is getting married in the fall and wanted us to create cards for her to send to her daughter every month until the wedding.  This is the last card for her to give to her daughter on her wedding day.  We also made matching envelopes (since my friend insisted...she's got a thing for envelopes!).

The card uses vellum to add a soft touch over the "rustic" wreath.  The wreath was stamped in Pumpkin Pie an accented with Cajun Craze.  The berries are embossed in gold.  To keep the hues muted, we used very vanilla card stock. 

After the wreath was done, we added the vellum.  We used the Island Indigo ink and gold embossing to make them stand out.  I then used the Tangelo Twist Satin Stripe Ribbon across the bottom of the vellum.  This helped camoflauge the bottom of the vellum and bring out the colors from behind it as well.  I just love the detailing on this ribbon as well so I wanted to showcase it.

And lastly to complete the look.  We used the Woodgrain Textured Impressions Embossing Folder with just a little bit of Cajun Craze ink to bring out the wood grain more.  The last detail comes with the Gold Foil Sheets and the lace scallop border.

Once you bring everything together, it becomes a masterpiece :)  I hope you enjoy our creation!

Monday, December 29, 2014


My youngest son Alexander decided to put all the cats into the craft room.  My friend Christina was over and we were crafting away.  She loves cats and he knows he put them all in the room.  They were more entertained with his feet outside the doorway though!

Magic is the BIG BLACK kitty closest to the pink wall.  The vet calls him a baby panther.  He's just a really big tom cat!  He can stand up and grab things off the keep your bacon close!

Kitty is our tabby cat.  We've had him since Alex was a baby.  He's going to be 13 this year!  Kitty is a good cat.  One of his favorite things to do is to rub his face on your feet!  He really likes to get scratched that way.  He's relatively a good cat and is the only one allowed to go outside.

And lastly we have Poofers.  Her name came from when we brought her home.  We got her from the Clark County Humane Society.  We brought her in the house and "POOF" she was gone!  We couldn't find her anywhere.  Plus the kids said she was poofy too!  So Poofers is her name.  She's very skid-dish around people but once she knows you, watch out, she's attached to you!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

WOW! Check out Lotus Blossom...Sale A Bration FREEBIE!!!

I love this time of year!  All the hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping and worries are gone.  Everyone is enjoying their newly gifted toys and clothes.  The New Year is right around the corner.  What could be better?!?  I KNOW!!!   Sale A Bration starts for Stampin' Up!  And if you don't know what SAB is, you NEED TO KNOW!

Sale-A-Bration is the time of year that Stampin' Up! celebrates by giving us FREE STUFF just for ordering!  For every $50 you order, you get one free item from the SAB catalog!  And trust me, it's good!  There's ribbon, paper, buttons, stamp sets, markers, and so much more to get FOR FREE!

Check out the Lotus Blossom set we used below.  It includes the kindness saying on the card on the right along with a "thank you" for in the inside!  This is a 3 step stamp set!!  WOW!  And it's on the Photo polymer so you can see right through to line it all up!  Yes the wow factor without the hassle!

Below is a simpler card made with the Lotus Blossom set.  You can see we used Elegant Eggplant, Wisteria Wonder, Pear Pizazz, and Whisper White paper along with Always Artichoke ink.  We wanted something simple to bring out the flowers and highlight the natural beauty.  I just love the Wisteria Wonder Seam Binding Ribbon.  It's so flexible and the sheen is lovely too.

For the card below, we just stepped it up a little bit.  We added more layers and some Silver Sparkle Dazzling Details to just add a bit off glam to the card.  We also ran the ribbon vertical to add height to the flowers.  Adding a torn edge gave the card just a little bit of weathering it needed.

I hope you enjoyed our friend Christina and I always have a great time creating!  I love what I do and I share it with others!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

BOX 1, 2, or 3?!?!

WOWZERS!!!  Can you believe that all three of these boxes came from the same size paper???  A simple piece of 8x8 paper and the GIFT BOX PUNCH BOARD!

Gift Box Punch Board by Stampin' Up!  
The GIFT BOX PUNCH BOARD comes with instructions (right on the product so you can't loose them!  It tells you what size paper you need to create the size box you want.  Then it tells you where to score.  All you do is pull the scoring tool out from the handy pocket and score and punch away!

Aren't they wonderful?!?  And oh so easy to make.  Add a little belly band and you're complete!

Thursday, December 11, 2014


Below you'll find the picture I posted the other day to my Stampin' with Elizabeth Giles facebook page.   I asked for you to tell me what you think the story is behind this.  Well I promised that I'd tell you the check it out below!

Christina and I were trying to make up some "goodies" for an upcoming craft show.  We wanted to use these small cellophane bags with the Top Note die to create a nice little treat bag.  But the only candy I had was left from HALLOWEEN....some Peanut Butter Eye Balls...and yes they are delicious.  So we made up the bag and put it together and started the top design.  After I put the snowflake on the bag topper, we just couldn't stop laughing.  What a weird prototype!

So later, we sent a picture to Holly (my sister) to show her our wonderful creation with a caption of "Awesome!!! Right?  Christina and I waited for a response but nothing came.  Then 10 minutes later, she finally replied, "Are those eyeballs?"  To which I said, "Yes, like he sees you when you're sleeping."   At this point, Christina and I are laughing so hard we're crying.  And laughing and laughing...oh so many tears and out of breathe because we just didn't know what she was going to say.  FINALLY after a long pause Holly replies back, "Ahh.  Now I get it...little creepy."

Oh my gosh...we were roaring we were laughing so hard!  My husband and kids came to see what the commotion was all about!  We were dying...just dying with laughter.  I then called Holly...well you can say called but I was really just laughing and crying when she picked up the phone.  Oh my gosh it was just hilarious!  Holly couldn't understand me but I told her it was just a prototype and not to be concerned about us "watching" the kiddos.  Oh my!

I know it was funnier in the moment but I hope that you got a laugh out of it!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sneek peek!!! Birthday Stamp Camp!

YES It's that time of year again!  It's time for my annual Birthday Stamp Camp! I'll have two FREE PROJECTS and then my normal camp (5 projects for $12).  Below is a preview of one of the projects on the normal camp!  And of course, everything is birthday related!

The saying is one of many from a great set called Remembering Your Birthday.  This set is full of sayings just perfect for your birthday cards....even late ones!  The outside of the card is a little simple....but then.....

BAM!  It's a pop up present card!!!  I just love this card.  It reminds me of my childhood and pop up books!  Who didn't like those books?!?!  I still like them!  I also like this card because it's male friendly.  We all know that you can only use so much glitter and glam before the testosterone doesn't show through anymore!

So here it is!  I hope that you can come on Friday!  Please let me know if you plan on coming :)  

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


I finally got some me time....yes it was after I worked at Columbus and at the hospital at 7pm in the evening during a snow storm.  BUT it was ME TIME!  I got a pedicure, a hair cut, and color!  Below is a picture of right after (don't look at the bags under my eyes...ugg!)

I got just a little bit cut off!  I told my hair dresser that I wanted it shorter since I have a contact rash on my back from my hair.  My doc isn't sure if it's from hair dye or the products I use but I do notice when I have a shorter style, it doesn't itch as much.  SO here we go!  I told her just go ahead and do what she thinks will look good! 

Since we were cutting so much off, we did the cut first.  Just look at that pile of hair...might be a small dog hiding in there somewhere!  Here TOTO!

Shannon picked out a dark red brown with blond highlights.  I was a little hesitant at first but trust your hairdresser!  Of course, my foil strips are all the rave!  I know...I can pull off any look!

Here's my hair today!  Yes I'm at my name badge :)  I'm getting used to it.  Oh yeah, and those glasses have become sorta permanent when working on the computer now :(

Monday, December 1, 2014

Craft Show :)

I do have to say, I don't always like sitting at craft shows, but I DO LOVE TO MAKE things for craft shows.  This year FROZEN and TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE (turtles in a half shell---turtle power) Sorry just had to!!!) are definitely on the top of the list.  My friend Christina really got into making Frozen items with the paint cans.  

We also made hot chocolate packets, turkey fry boxes, mini milk carton santas, and Olaf bits snacks!  Everyone just loved all the goodies we had to offer!  I also talked to a lot, I mean A LOT, of people about Project Life.  I really need to do up an album.  The album shown above is my downline's Rochelle Ott.

Even though sales weren't the best, I still had fun with the projects and meeting new people!