Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fabulous Fall Wedding Signs

I created two signs and table numbers for a wedding.  This is what I came up with for the signature drinks sign.  It's 12x12 wooden frame which can be hung up or put on an easel.

I didn't like any of the "stains" for the picture frame.  First I tried to do cherry cobbler...but it just didn't look right.  So then I put the chocolate chip hue over the top.  That looked better but still didn't "pop."  So then I painted with a green shimmer paint over the top.  AND WOW!  WOW! WOW!  It really livened things up.  And the green paint was pulling out the ink of the cherry cobbler and chocolate chip to create this lovely bronze look.  I left the inside of the frame the stained cherry cobbler.  You can see by the order of the pictures what the steps were that went into doing just the frame.

The left side is the painted side
and the right side is just the two stains.
Here you can see the outside color and top color
before I painted over the outside. 
I laid everything out to see if I'd like it.  I really liked the cherry cobbler ribbon.  But it needed
something else.  Let's add a subtle background and mat the pictures.

Here you can see the leaves I heat embossed for the background.  I mixed early espresso & gold embossing powders with a little bit of gold glitter to get the "bronze" affect.  I really like embossing on the textured paper as it adds a little bit to the leaves as well.

You can also see how adding the mat really frames the sayings and adds that little touch of "importance."  Even though it's behind glass, you can tell the different layers really add dimension.

Here's the full view again...yes with a reflection but I wanted you to see the whole look with the frame and everything.  You can see all the little details as I explained above.  These are the little details that really make the project stand out.  The red inside of the frame with the matting of the signs go hand in hand.  And of course mimicking the leaves in the background and bringing the colorful ones to the foreground also brings out the color of the frame.