Wednesday, October 1, 2014

8th grade Graduation

If you read my blog yesteray, you'll understand that this is the second set of scrap pages for my Aunt Nancy.  This set if for Cassidy.  The last couple of years, I've made ice skating scrap pages for Cassidy but this year was her big moment, 8th grade Graduation from St. Joseph's Catholic School.

Nancy gave me the colors of her dress that she wore for graduation and I tried my best to use those colors on the scrap page.  As you can see, it's quite a variety.  I have Crisp Cantaloupe, Basic Black, Island Indigo, Whisper White, and retired (but not forgotten) Concord Crush.

When I started these pages I really tried to go with the Graduation theme like on Jordyn's but I just couldn't come up with something that wasn't similar to the other set.  So I decided to drop the graduation theme all together and just go for fun.

The background for this one came on a whim.  I wanted to use that paper for the background but found that it was way too busy for the accessories and other colors.  So I just chopped it up and layered it.  I love it.  It adds just enough without overpowering the whole page.

Once again I made larger mat for the primary picture.  The ribbon is tied around so that a picture can easily be slid behind to go with the full mat.  On the side of the primary picture, is a small photo strip.  The wallet size pictures would fit best here.  I'm sure she took many pictures with friends!

On the second page I wanted to keep the fun collage look.  I like to use different size mats just so everything isn't so uniform looking.  That's also the reason I used so many different buttons and brads.  I wanted some variety, so we used buttons, glimmer brads, and medallions.

The contrast between the vintage look and the classic smooth lines with the geometric background give a unique look to these pages.

I needed something in this corner to balance the page.  I couldn't use a solid mat as it overwhelmed the corner.  I set out some of the leftover buttons, brads, and medallions and it created just enough color and pop to bring your eyes to the top of the page.

Crisp Cantaloupe is one of our In Colors.  The group of that Crisp Cantaloupe is in will retire in May.  Check out the whole group:  2013-2015 IN COLORS