Friday, September 5, 2014


I forgot to take pictures of the box when I had it opened and scored.  But here you can see what the Gift Box Punch Board here!  It's a great value at just $19.95.  I made this box (4x4x4) from a 12x12 sheet of cardstock.  I just stamped randomly on the one side and then used the board and scored, punched, rounded, and folded.  It was that easy.  NO ADHESIVE NEEDED!

The colors I chose were easy.  I found this awesome Sweet Taffy Designer Series Paper and just used the colors from the patterned paper I liked.  Of course you can see that the hues are very neutral for the hip kids.  I mean really, pink is not a girly color anymore!

I cut the designer series paper into 2x12 inch strips.  I used two strips, taped together just a little, and wrapped them around the box.  I then used our AWESOME NEW HANDHELD STAPLER to keep the paper together to create a nice little belly band to keep the top closed even better.

After I had the belly band created, I wanted to make it funky!  I used the fringe scissors to get the strips nice!  One thing I did figure out to get your fringes long without snipping them off, only cut part of the way down and then move your scissors down the paper and continue to cut.  Once you squeeze all the way, the fridges kind of twist and if you go back in with the scissors, you won't be able to line it up good where you already cut.

After I fringed the top, I added the ribbon with a quick staple to the back and my little tags.  The tags came from the stamp set Amazing Birthday.  It's so nice and can be used for more than just birthday cards and gifts too!

Just a couple more angles of the box.   You can see that the "tags" hang down and can flip over to add just a little something extra.  It truly was an easy box to make.