Monday, September 29, 2014

Jeremiah's 1st Homecoming

WOW!  I just can't believe that my first born child is old enough to attend homecoming!  Jeremiah turned 15 a few weeks ago and now he's at his first homecoming as a Freshman.  He was lucky enough to attend homecoming with his girlfriend too a couple weeks ago in Stratford.  But this is his school's first homecoming for him.  Keyarra is Jeremiah's girlfriend.  She is a lovely lady and is a freshman at Stratford.  This picture is a little blurry but don't worry, Paul Tishim took the professional ones and those will be much better (my phone was almost dead so the flash didn't work.)

Here's a picture of them at the Stratman's lovely home.  They were nice enough to host a dinner between mass and the dance for all the freshman and seniors.  Of course I have more pictures that I downloaded to my computer and put on facebook so you'll have to check them out there.

Jeremiah and Keyarra     HOMECOMING 2014