Saturday, September 13, 2014


Happy Birthday Jeremiah!  His birthday was on Sunday (the 7th).  He turned the big 15!  And like a trooper, we spent almost all day outside working on the trees that were cut down on Friday.  We started at 10am.  We had his birthday party from 12-2 and then back outside for the rest of the trees.  I think we finally called it quits (after the chopper wouldn't stay running anymore) around 6pm.  I know it wasn't the ideal birthday to have but when it's got to get done, it's got to get done!  At least it was a beautiful day outside and we got to enjoy everyone's company.  I was surprised that none of the birthday party guests stayed to help ;)  Happy 15th birthday and I hope you're having fun today at your first homecoming dance with your girlfriend.