Monday, September 15, 2014


I just love Halloween!  Sometimes it's the only time when people show their true selves!  Of course, I always loved to dress up.  The last couple of Halloweens I've used my wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses to dress up.  WHO DOESN"T LOVE PUTTING ON THEIR WEDDING DRESS?!?!  I was a princess and a vampire.  I haven't gone as a witch but I bet my kids would think that's what I should be!  This card is a comical Halloween card....hope you think so too!

The stamp set Tee-hee-hee is a photopolymer set which makes lining up the images very easy!  Here you see that the witch has gotten herself in quite a predicament.  Seems like instead of getting the little kiddie into her pot, she accidentally fell in herself!

For her shoes, I mixed gold embossing powder with gold glitter.  I like doing since the glitter doesn't rub off and get all over everything.  I also like the shiny look.  The pot is black embossing powder with some dazzling diamonds in it.  I didn't use black glitter because I wanted the pot to have a textured look and my using a color of glitter that didn't match the embossing powder, the contrast would make it seem like the pot had a speckled cast iron finish.

Of course this card isn't complete without the saying on the inside!  Now isn't this so true.  On the Wizard of Oz...what is the one thing you remember about the witch that was killed....her shoes!