Sunday, August 3, 2014

Use the old...create something NEW!

I had an order for one of my memory tins.  The lady had purchased one from me for her last child and wanted another for this one.  She found out she was having a boy!  Congrats!
Now to make the tin....I was blanking....what to use, what to make.  THEN I remembered, I had an old scrappin' kit that was boy themed.

Wow look at this kit.  Designer Series Paper- check.  Coordinating Card Stock- check.  Self Adhesive Embellishments- Check.  Wow I had it all.  I couldn't believe it.  And look at those cute hand prints and foot prints.   THEN my curiosity got the best of me.  I checked the date.  SEE BELOW PICTURE!

2005!!   JEEPERS that's from when I started being a demonstrator!   WOW!  I really needed to use this kit!

So here's the cover of the Memory Tin.  As you can see I used some ribbon to accent.  I can't believe I even had anything to accent this since it's a retired color.  Isn't it cute.  The stamp set for the words is the "Taffy" alphabet.  I've stamped that saying many times!

Here's the inside of the tin.  ON the top:  There are two cards in the back of the lid.  They're labeled "Hand Print and Foot Print"  These cards you take right with you to the hospital and if they're nice enough, they'll do the prints for you there.  In front of the cards are little envelopes.  These will be labeled "Hospital Bracelet" and "Lock of Hair."  AWWWEEEE!

Then in the bottom you have the cover to the photo album. I have 13 clear envelopes in the bottom.  And then, when you open it up, I put in the bottom part of the opening, a card where you can write special events, moments, etc., on to keep things fresh for the whole first year of their life.

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