Sunday, August 24, 2014

More Work of Art


It's the Work of Art Stamp Set!   Can I get a round of applause please?!?!   Anyone who has had the pleasure to work with this stamp set knows of it's awesome abilities!  It's so easy and versatile that everyone will want it!  You'll never need another set again....well that's not true but ya know how sellin' goes :)

I start by figuring out which colors I'd like to use and if I have any coordinating accessories.  Whoo hoo, I do.  I have the thick baker's twine!  I'm really lovin' this product as the old twine just wasn't thick enough to stand out on the card.

This is my work space.  As you can tell, the card is finished....lots of stampin' off the paper to get the right hues.  I like to keep my cutter right there, so I can chop something down if it's too long or not the right proportions.  I wish we still carried this cutter :( 

Above are my color selections!  Aren't they lovely?!?  I think the basic black just ties them all in.
Below you can see the finished project.  We used the background stamps to create this lovely flower.  And of course you can't have flowers without a little bling!  

Hope you enjoyed my blog.  You can check out my website to order this awesome stamp set.