Saturday, August 2, 2014

Day 2 Convention: Part 1 :)

Did I mention before how wonderful it is to be in a place where so many people share your same interest?
I'm just blown away that I can hang out with people where my use of odd descriptive words like Real Red or Night of Navy to talk about someone's color shirt is praised upon.

I'm also intrigued by how many ladies have different organizational things for their swaps and such.  I'm a horrible general swapper.  What's a general swapper you say?  It's when you make swaps (usually just card fronts--one or two designs and lots of them) to "swap" with anyone and everyone just standing around.  Two reasons I don't like general swapping.  1)  I don't like to carry extra stuff with me.  I know it's going to me a long fun day and I don't want my shoulder and feet hurting.  2)  I like to be specific to items I want in return.  I like to know if I'm looking for birthday card ideas, that's what I'm going to get.

As you can see, it gets more crowded the closer we get to action time.  This is right before our general opening session on Day 2.  It's always a great way to get fired up!

Yep that's me!  Every year they have a lovely backdrop where you "hopefully" get a picture taken with Shelli Gardner.  Well I missed having my picture taken with her, but I did get this lovely shot in front of the paper flowers :)  Yes I know...that's so me anyways.

This is one of my roommates, Holly.  She's from Illinois (just 10 minutes from the WI border).  We stopped for a quick bite to eat at Maggianos (spelling doesn't  We just ordered appetizers.  She got calamari...YUCK!  But when she ordered it, I had to tell her a little story about my experience with octopus.  I was out snowmobiling with my Dad and Mom and many other people.  We stopped at a small town and had some supper.  They had a sea food buffet....YUCK again!  Well knowing that I didn't like that stuff, my Dad told me that they had chicken on the buffet for those who didn't like sea know us picky kids.  So I took some "chicken strips".  I took one bite and said, "These taste funny."  And then the whole gang burst out laughing.  Yeah...of course it wasn't was calamari.  YUCK!  To this day, I still get teased from my dad and everyone else.

Here's the other two appetizers we ordered.  I had spicy meatballs and then we shared mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto.  It was my first time having this wonderful meat...and I'd have it again!  YUMMY!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Day 2.  It's the Awards night and After Party!!!