Sunday, July 27, 2014

Opening Day of Convention!

All ready for the first official day of Convention! All dressed up and ready to go!  I just love Salt Lake City....the mornings are so warm and crisp.  Even though it got to 100degrees every day it didn't seem like it.  There's no humidity so it's like our 80 degrees in Wisconsin :)

Here's just a "few" of the crazy stampers!  It's so awesome that we have such a connection to get together through Stampin' Up! to share and create together!

This is a view from our seats.  We usually sit in the same spot every year and it's great!  This year the stage was EXTRA AWESOME!  It showcased our colors, special designs and had an interchanging screen (2 panels just outside the center panel) that showcased photos that the great Stampin' Up! photographers took through out the event. 

Here's my picture up on the interchanging screen!  This picture was taken at the Paper Pumkpin Open House the night before.   I think it was when I was looking at the flip books we made during the open house. presenting SHELLI GARDENER!!!  I just love love love it when Shelli presents.  Her passion and creativity is overwhelming.    I'll have more to share about presentations in a few later blogs.

Here's a sign outside a restaurant on our walk home.   It seems all fun until you get closer.