Monday, July 7, 2014


"WORK OF ART" is awesome.  If you haven't seen the new catalog yet, this is a must see!  

I saw this design somewhere....can't seem to find thanks for the idea.

I received this set for FREE (makes it so much sweeter!!) at the Catalog Premiere event in Milwaukee.  The only thing I don't like about this set is that it's so large....with the wood blocks, it's hard to fit back in there! Work of Art is an 11 piece set!  Talk about variety!

Just a sneak at what the finished card may look like.  My work station is quite overhauled with tools and a variety of other things at times.  As you can see from this picture I have some new blendabilities, some paper from last catalog, pen, and misc other items.

Here's my color palette.   Bermuda Bay, Smoky Slate, Blackberry Bliss, and Natural White.  The Bermuda Bay and Smoky Slate hues are crisp and cool while the Blackberry Bliss brings in a little warmth.

I HATE HATE HATE BOWS!   I like to add my bows afterwards.  I do it like two "bunny ears."  You take two loops next to each other and tie them in a knot.  Perfect bow (of course you have to play with the tails a little bit).  Then you adhere the bow with a glue dot and BAM-  perfect bow!

FINALLY....THE FINISHED CARD!   This was probably the simpliest card at my stamp camp last Wednesday night.  You just used the large zig zag stamp and ink it up...stamp at full strength at the top and then just stamp again and again and again to get the faded look.   I hope you like it!