Thursday, July 3, 2014


Look at that beautiful sky....what a perfect day to stop at the Leiney Lodge!!!  We were on our way back from Cheteck with the camper and decided after we passed a billboard that we should stop!  So off the highway we went, through town, and found the Lodge.  It was larger than I thought it would be and it was a good thing we went on a Sunday so I could park the truck and camper in the "employee" lot of the factory.

Once arriving at the Lodge, we signed up for a factory tour.  And of course, we got our wristbands so we could "sample" the loot!  Like Brian said, "My heaven!"

I wasn't tall enough to get a picture of the whole sign on the side of the factory....but you get it :)

You were able to sample one brew before you went on the tour.  The kids were happy since they were able to get soda....and soda....and more soda.   And for those of you who know, Brian was able to sample a lot....since I can't!  For sampling, you're able to pick 4 different ones and the 5th one is the special on tap.

The first stop on the tour was to show the creek that separates the lodge and the factory.  Jeremiah wanted me to write down the name of this "creek" so he could suggest to the boy scout troop that this would be a good canoeing adventure creek.  It was more than a creek to me!!!

This part of the tour they were showing what goes into beer...which grains.  I stood off under the walkway for some shade and also so I wasn't by the HOPPS :)

 This picture shows the first Spring that they used for brewing.  It's also the oldest structure on the property.  Since the well went dry, they started using the city water which is from the same source as this spring well was.  Water is the key ingredient in beer!

 During our tour, this little deer made it's way from the back of the factory to the front.  The tour guide said that it often comes to eat the "spent" grains.  It sure did know it's way around the factory too!

Many groups were on the tour at the same time in different locations of the property.  Very well organized and very informative....probably more than I ever needed to know!  

After the tour, the boys of course were hungry.  We got them a "German" pretzel...and as you can's the size of Alex's head!  They chowed it down quickly! 

Brian was still in HEAVEN as he was still sampling the beer!  Jeremiah had to show his cup too!

What do they say about drinking and texting?!?!?  LOL  DON'T DO IT BRIAN!

Even though Brian was the only one who could "drink" everyone had a good time and we got to see some history that we've driven past so many times.  Now we need to find the Mike's Hard Lemonade factory!!!