Friday, July 25, 2014

Finishing up SWAPS as usual (July 16th)

It wouldn't be CONVENTION if you didn't still have swaps to do once you got to your hotel!!!  I was quietly working on my swaps for a 3x3 Love Notes Swap while my roommate slept her morning away.

You have to get crafty when doing swaps in bed!  I used the lid from my 12x12 keeper to tape together the pieces so they wouldn't get lost.

Next it was time to color.  I used one blendability marker at a time and just went through all the flowers.  I had my sample there all nice and ready to check the details.  I JUST LOVE THESE MARKERS!!!

After my swaps were finished and my other two roommates were back from shopping, we went to get MANIS and PEDIS!!!   OH MY GOODNESS....these chairs were awesome!  My back was massaged and I also did the deluxe mani and pedi so I got a nice rub down too!

My color choices were almost a nuetral BLING....OF COURSE it NEEDS TO BE BLINGY!!!    So I wanted colors that would match other outfits I was wearing.  I just loved the glittery mauve color and then the shimmery golden brown hues.  I did the STYLISH thing (or at least what I was told was stylish) and had the one finger and one toe painted a different color.  I REALLY LOVED the way they turned out.  And I never pamper my feet this way!

After our Pedicure and Manicures we were off to supper with a group of friends I met last year.  Barbara Welch....SHE'S AWESOME!!...and her group of girls and some others have been meeting at the Blue Iguana for 7 years now on the night before convention.  I was awesome enough to get asked to the gathering and I invited my roommates.  This drink (unfortunately) was the only alcoholic beverage I had.  But LOOK below at the awesome glass!  MMMM....strawberry daiquiri with whipped cream and a cherry :)

OH and of course treats!   Barbara makes the neatest little treats!  Holly got a pillow box owl....ISN"T IT SO STINKIN' CUTE?!?!  I just love the versatility of the Stampin' Up! products!

Here I am outside of the Blue Iguana....alright everybody now "Strike A Pose!"  I know....I'm sexy and I know it :)

You could share in this fun with me too!  I will be attending convention next year to celebrate my 10 year anniversary with Stampin' Up!   I hopefully will also have my first milestone of selling $100,000 during my career.   I know that doesn't seem like much but the first few years of me selling, I was the only one buying :)  I started out as a hobby demonstrator which means I signed up to get the discount.  Eventually I found people who loved to stamp and scrap and loved my books so I started promoting my business even more.  Currently I have a 12 month rolling sales of over $10,000 and hope to increase that this year.