Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Did you know what I meant by the title???  Wax On,  Wax Off??  Well if you did...I bet you're thinking about karate right now :)  

In my version of Wax On, Wax's with Wax Paper.  I used an embossing folder with wax paper to create this unique background.

Are you a little perplexed?  Confused?  Fanscinated?  I know I know....let me explain a bit.  The Wax On part is because we're utilitzing the wax ON the wax paper.  We run the wax paper through the embossing folder (with out the glossy card stock...that comes next).    After you have your embossed Wax Paper, you're going to place it over the glossy card stock.  You want the side touching the card stock to be the pattern you want revealed at the end.  Place a paper towel or thin dish cloth over everything and IRON it.  Make sure not to use steam when you iron it.  You want to iron it evenly.  You can see on this card, I did't get the bottom very good.  What you're doing is melting the WAX OFF of the wax paper and onto your card stock.  SEE WAX ON, WAX OFF :)   After you have all your wax melted on, you're just going to use sponge daubers and reinkers to go over the background.  Easy peasy.

This technique is great when you want to customize your colors.  You could easily find out the school colors and make it match.  Or for a birthday card, see what their favorite color is as well.

Colors are:  Rose Red, Elegant Eggplant, and Calypso Coral