Monday, June 23, 2014


I always love to do interesting techniques.  I love the ones where your card comes out different every time.
This technique definitely has that quality.  The Polished Stone technique utilizes re-inkers to create a wonderful and unique background.  You also use rubbing alcohol, glossy paper, and cotton balls.  I know, what a combination!  And what a beautiful creation too!

I wanted to make a more "MANLY" card since I just don't do enough of them.  I thought this one was nice with the Garden Green, Basic Black, Crumb Cake, and Gold colors.  It's almost like the Packer's Colors!!!

First you take rubbing alcohol and cover your whole background.  You then take one cotton ball and your re-inkers.  You drop a few drops of each color onto the ball (remember not to use basic black since it turns purple in color).  You just dob the cotton ball all over your glossy card stock.  Make sure you change direction too so the pattern gets interrupted.  You'll notice that the colors won't be so pronounced as you go and will start melding together.  Don't get them too mushy though as they'll turn sloppy.

After I liked the background, I used a gold ink pad and just dobbed some gold on the background and it made this cool "fleck" look.  To enhance it, I added gold basic glimmer brads (which are now retired....sad face....super sad face).

See here how some of the colors are bolder than others.  Those were a few of the first dobs with the cotton ball and then the more muted colors where when the cotton ball was running out.

Heat dry your card stock if still saturated and finish your card :)
I found these directions in the forums at 

I hope you enjoyed this little post :)  HAPPY STAMPIN'!