Thursday, June 19, 2014


I just LOVE LOVE LOVE summer!   And of course with the hot weather comes ice cream!  Every time we go to a new ice cream shop, the boys just have to see if they have Blue Moon.  Well this little drive-in in Wisconsin Rapids had their favorite!  And like usual, with little shops like this, a regular cone is like a 3 or 4 scoop cone!  MMMmmmm!!!!!!!!!!

We stopped here after Alex's soccer tournament Father's Day weekend.  As you can see Alex was in full soccer mode....PINKY was out for the summer :)

The next couple photos are just some funny's hard to look good while eating ice cream :)

The BLUE MOON ice cream reminds me a lot of my childhood.  I grew up in Stratford and when we were lucky enough to go to the Marshfield Mall (about 20 minutes away) we often would go to the little ice cream shop they had inside.  It was all, now as they call it, hand scooped ice cream cones.  We had two favorites:  BLUE MOON and BUBBLEGUM.  My sister Holly's favorite I think is still Blue Moon.  

When I took this picture of the boys, I uploaded it to facebook.  And as we were driving back I heard my phone make a noise that meant I had a notification from facebook.  Of course, I was driving so I said to Brian, "I bet ya $5 it's Holly commenting on the picture of you two eating the Blue Moon ice cream."  He said he'd take that bet.  I asked him who he thought it was and he stated it didn't matter....anyone but Holly.  Well he looked....AND IT was Holly....asking where hers was!  Thanks for the $5!