Thursday, April 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Oh how I just love a good waterfall.  The sound of the water crashing into the stream and rocks.  The powerful river flowing carelessly over the edge and just seemingly falling towards the earth without a care.  I could stand and watch these massive monsters flow all day long.

I am reminded of a trip we took when we were younger.  We would load up the trailer and the Chevrolet and go camping.  We took one trip up north and went to Copper Falls.  I fell in love with the waterfalls and the surrounding beauty.  Two years ago, we revisited Copper Falls (in Melon WI) and had a wonderful trip.  MY whole family went...4 camp sites...15 people...and endless fun.

And speaking of's Throwback Thursday's card is a "waterfall" card.  If you haven't check out these kind of cards, you'll FALL for them :)

To make the waterfall card work, you just pull gently on the ribbon tab.  As you pull, the cards flip forward and you'll see the full images on each little card.

Do you see it?  The tab with the ribbon is pulled farther out while the cards are starting to flip forward.  How awesome is that?!?!  

And what a cute little saying....driving by with a birthday "Hi."  This was one of my favorite sets with all the different little things you could put in the back of the truck.  

Well anyways....hope you reminisce a little bit on this Throwback Thursday and create something that will remind you of your childhood!