Sunday, March 9, 2014


Just wanted to give a shout out there.  SO SORRY that I haven't had any blog postings lately.  It's been crazy crazy busy around here.

Some of you might know already, but besides my Stampin' Up! demonstratorship, I also work at Columbus Catholic Schools and at Ministry St. Joesph's Hospital.  This week I hosted 3 different Stampin' Up! events as well as work 27 hours at Columbus and 28 hours at SJH.  And you can't forget we had basketball to attend to as well (can't miss the playoffs!)

On the brighter side, even with my hours increasing at the hospital this month, I AM REALLY GOING TO STRIVE TO HAVE A POST EVERY DAY.  And I'm not going to get dissapointed if I miss one day.  It's okay.  I feel like I let myself down and then I forget to post the next day.  So I'm gonna do this.

I love doing blog posts.  It's something I enjoy and I need to make time for it.  I need to do this for me (WELL AND YOU :)

Please let me know what you like.  What you don't like.  Just let me know your thoughts.  That's what blogs are all about.  Of course I'm going to try and keep this mostly a Stampin' blog but I will include other thoughts in here as well.

Don't worry I'll try not to give you looks like this :)