Friday, February 21, 2014

Yes of course....more Week of Scrap Book pages

This week I'm going to post pictures of the scrap pages I created while at White's Wildwood Retreat.  I tried to use "retired" and "old" supplies as you'll be able to tell if you know current colors and supplies for Stampin' Up!.  I hope you enjoy my scrap pages.  You will also notice that most of these pictures are from 2001, 2002, and 2003.  I tried to keep things simple so I can complete more projects.  When I create a scrap page, if it has my kids in it, I create on for each of the kids pictured.  So if I have pictures with all 3 of my kiddos, I create 4 sets of pages.  They all love having their OWN scrap book!

A FUN TIME.  When the kids were smaller and so was our apartment, we spent a lot of time out at my parent's house.  There's a couple things I love about these pictures which I'll point out under the next photos.  

Trenton is currently 13 years old and about 6 foot.  He towers over me.  AND HE HATES BASKETBALL!!!  Oh my goodness...the tallest kid in his class and he doesn't play ball.  I love this picture because it just proves that he did like playing basketball, even if it was bigger than his whole body.

This is the other picture that I love.  The shared kiss between the two brothers...HOW STINKIN' CUTE?!?!  You know that they'd never never never do that now!

Colors:  Dusty Durango?, Handsome Hunter, and Brilliant Blue