Sunday, February 16, 2014


 WOW....what a weekend!   This is the third year that I've attended a retreat at White's Wildwood Retreat in Chippewa Falls Wisconsin.  I love the lodge and cabin, all decorated with north woods country theme.   Each room (rooms of 5,5,4,4,& 3) take turns making a you only have to cook once all weekend too!  Now that alone is a treat!!!  The rest of your time, you can divide however you like.  You can go shopping in nearby Eau Claire, read, watch tv, sleep, or of course craft.  When I attend, I am determined to SCRAP as much as I CAN!!  These are just a couple pictures I took on my phone from the weekend.   I'll have more to come later :)  And some pics of the pages I did.
My sister's name is Holly and I starting calling her "Ho" lovingly.  When she was working on her scrap book page for Lake Holcolmbe, she separated the scrap layout and was left with Lake Ho.

Since our retreat was over Valentine's Day, Christina got a big surprise from her husband.

This picture was taken at 3am Sunday morning.  The three of us, exhausted and thoughtless in such wee hours, went to bed.  But Holly (my sister) had a case of the giggles and goofiness!  First she threw one of the sleep number sheep at me.  Then she got down on the floor to "army crawl" to my bed to attach me.  She then got up and jumped up on Christina!  Oh my....what happens at 3am?!?!

You can't scrap and not have a drink or two :)  This drink was "Kinky" and Lemonade mixed.  It wasn't really my kind of drink but that's okay...probably kept my pages a little straighter :)