Wednesday, February 19, 2014

More Week of Scrap Book Pages

This week I'm going to post pictures of the scrap pages I created while at White's Wildwood Retreat.  I tried to use "retired" and "old" supplies as you'll be able to tell if you know current colors and supplies for Stampin' Up!.  I hope you enjoy my scrap pages.  You will also notice that most of these pictures are from 2001, 2002, and 2003.  I tried to keep things simple so I can complete more projects.  When I create a scrap page, if it has my kids in it, I create on for each of the kids pictured.  So if I have pictures with all 3 of my kiddos, I create 4 sets of pages.  They all love having their OWN scrap book!

This great picture was taken during Spring Break.  We really would have loved to go on vacation from the winter scene in Wisconsin but we just couldn't.  I had a day off during Spring Break so I decided I'd take the boys and my nieces to my Aunt's pool to go swimming.

 Okay okay....I really didn't want to scrap these but really what else was I going to do with them.  My friend Terri and I had these glam shots done one time when we were strolling through the Wausau Center Mall.  My favorite one is the black "plether" jacket pictures.  I'm not sure when exactly these were taken but I think they were in 2002 after my youngest baby was born.

Brian and I were lucky enough to go to a Nascar Race with my Dad and Jason.  It was quite unbelievable.  SO MANY PEOPLE!!!!  This is one of the few pages when I used accessories not associated with Stampin' Up!.  The letters and the little race track on the side came from Fiscar's and Jolee's.

I just love how these grommets mimic the oval and circle shapes on the pages.  And the background with the crosses show just the right texture for a back drop.

Colors used:  Basic Grey, Black, White, Real Red, and Summer Sun.