Thursday, February 20, 2014

Even More Scrap Book Pages

This week I'm going to post pictures of the scrap pages I created while at White's Wildwood Retreat.  I tried to use "retired" and "old" supplies as you'll be able to tell if you know current colors and supplies for Stampin' Up!.  I hope you enjoy my scrap pages.  You will also notice that most of these pictures are from 2001, 2002, and 2003.  I tried to keep things simple so I can complete more projects.  When I create a scrap page, if it has my kids in it, I create on for each of the kids pictured.  So if I have pictures with all 3 of my kiddos, I create 4 sets of pages.  They all love having their OWN scrap book!

Apartment Dwellers:  Stamp set used for title is Jumble Alphabet.  When I first got this stamp set, I didn't really care for it much.  But now I really love using it for things that are just a little different....which is usually anything associated with me :)  These pictures were taken in our first apartment together.  It was a quaint little place...only 2 bedrooms.  Brian and I had our bed in the "living" room.  The best thing about this apartment was the bathtub!  It was an old antique tub and it stayed hot for HOURS!!  I love using this tub when I was prego with Alex after a long day of work.  The downfall to the apartment was that it was that's why in most of these pictures, the boys don't have any clothes.

As I was putting these pictures down, I finally realized what Trenton was holding onto.  Doesn't his face just give it all away??!?!  Trouble trouble trouble.  I wonder what he was purchasing.

And speaking of Jeremiah....what's the matter?  I think I'm getting more of these looks that he's 14 but it's just not as cute now.

Colors:  Brilliant Blue, Only Orange, and Whisper White