Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The picture above is one of the sets that I create to help hold Memories and many other things.  It started out doing these cans for baby' can put their little favorite outfit, pacifier, and many other things in the can while using the tin to keep track of their first year special moments, hand and foot prints, lock of hair, and hospital bracelets.  Of course, the Memory sets have evolved into many other things.  This can was designed with a TWEEN girl in mind.  The can could hold many different objects (card from a secret crush, flower from a friend, etc.) while the tin can hold her favorite photos and spots to jot down some information.

I do custom create these Memory sets...and with the holidays coming up, this could be a great gift.  At just $33 for a set and can be created using favorite colors, activities, etc...what a great gift to give!  Check out some of the other Memory Cans and Memory Tins I have posted on my site too.