Saturday, October 29, 2011

Super Saturday :)

I just love this card!  This is what I call SUPER!!!  I just love the technique...very simple and easy to do and is a big POP factor!   The technique is called "emboss resist."  Usually you'll see this technique done with clear embossing powder to expose the underneath but I decided to use the Wild Wasabi embossing powder.  I hope you enjoy my SUPER CARD!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Christmas is on it's way!!!

Before we know it, we'll be hanging the ornaments on the tree and singing carols all day long!  I do love the Christmas Season...I'm constantly singing tunes and just love the glisten of the snow when the sun shines.  Of course, it also may have something to do with my birthday being in December too.

I love using this stamp set because it's so simple to use.  The ornaments have a coordinating punch.  Just stamp and punch and your card is almost done!  I also used the new designer series paper on this card....the stripes at the bottom are a shimmery glitter...I know it's hard to see (maybe I shouldn't use my phone to take my pics).  If you'd like to make your own Christmas cards this year...check out my Stamp A Stack.  I am hosting it the Friday before Thanksgiving!  20 cards with envelopes for $35!!!  Let me know if you need to make more and we'll strike up a deal!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Scrap book challege: WEEK 2 COMPLETED!

Week 2 Challenge Completed!  My cute little ALEX!  Can you believe this is my baby who's 9 years old now?!?!  Anyways, Alex loved to dress up in this little TIGGER outfit.  It was hard to keep it off of him.  And of course once he found some old character glasses, it went well together!  What a cutie!  Pics are from April 2003.

My Version

This is my version of the card found on page 66 in the large Idea Book and Catalog.  The card in the catalog is more "girly" and as you all know I have three boys.  My youngest son Alex has a birthday party next week and this card will be perfect.  This card was one of the make n' takes at my workshop yesterday.  Everyone loved how simple and easy it was and yet so bold and bright.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Camp Closet (Scrap Challenge-WEEK 1)

Scrap Book Challenge: WEEK 1 COMPLETE! Camp Closet...oh how those boys loved to hang out in that closet. In our house on Vine Street, the upstairs when we first moved in, had a huge closet that ran down the whole one side of the house. The door to this closet was in the boy's bedroom. We decided to put a tent in it to block off the one side of the closet that didn't have anything finished...try to keep them out of trouble :) The loved that little tent all the way to it's destruction.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Techinique Tuesday

Technique Tuesday: For this technique, it's simple: Blender Pens. You can use Blender Pens in a wide variety...with pastels, watercolor crayons, or with ink pads like I did here. Blender Pens are quite unique. It's just a translucent tip but then once you "add" your color to it, it colors in gradually becoming lighter and lighter. This makes the blender pen a perfect choice for shading lined images such as a flower, scentery, or this robot. They are also a cheap clean way to do shading and colored images.

This card was part of the card buffet I had at the Columbus Catholic Scrapbooking Fundraiser this past weekend. I make up a sample and then cut all the supplies and you can break away any time to complete the cards. You can make as many or as little as you want...just like a buffet.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Setting some new GOALS

I am setting a couple of goals....weekly goals.  These two goals I have will benefit myself and my Stampin' Up! demonstrator career too.  It will also give you a few more things to look at :)

1) I will scrap a set of pages weekly.  I am setting this goal so that I will hopfully get caught up on my scrapbooking.  I am keeping my goal to a minimum so that I can keep going and don't try to push myself too hard.

2) I will post something to my blog weekly!  Which, if I'm doing goal #1, it should be pretty simple.

I am hoping with setting these goals, it will MAKE ME set time aside to do the things I love and not get so caught up in everyday life.