Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sweet Baby Memory Tin & Can

This is another set of Memory Tin & Can. This one is more baby themed. Please see description of "Butterfly Kisses" for more details.

Butterfly Kisses Paint Can & Memory Tin

These pictures are of a Butterfly Kisses Memory Can and Memory Tin. I can personalize any tin/can you like or I can make one just for your special person. Inside the Memory Tin are two small envelopes up top to hold special little things. And behind the small envelopes are two matted pieces to add a special touch. In a "baby themed" tin the envelopes are labeled "lock of hair" and "hospital bracelet" and the matted pieces are labeled "hand print" and "foot print." In the bottom of the memory tin are clear envelopes put together to form a mini album. I have printed off the first twelve months for you to write down your special memories but if you don't want to use them, just use them to mat a picture to slide in there. The memory tins and can are great for many reasons: 1) It's an easy way to scrapbook- especially the first year of the baby's life; 2) It's a great way to keep things that won't fit into a scrapbook, like baby's favorite outfit or a macaroni sculpture; 3) You can easily personalize them to fit your child- sports, ballet, etc; and 4) They make great unique gifts- have a baby shower to attend and don't know what to get...this makes a great gift!
Memory Cans are $18 Memory Tins are $20 Buy both and save...only $33!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Stamping & Scrapping Weekend- THE LUAU

These scrapbook pages were all done this past weekend at "The Luau" Scrapbooking Get Together. It was 2 1/2 days of scrapping bliss. The only bad thing is packing up all your stuff- but it's so nice to be able to focus and dig in! And yes, the pictures are from 2000 & 2001 :)
It may not seem like I got a lot done, but remember- I make one set of pages for me and then one for each child in the pictures. So I always have to make at least two sets, sometimes three, or four!